Equipment  Extras Price
Sachtler 20 Ground spreader, bag  £25.00
Sachtler 18 Ground or mid spreader, bag  £25.00
Sachtler DV4/14 Ground spreader, bag  £15.00
Sachtler ACE M Ground spreader, bag  £10.00
Manfrotto Monopod   £10.00
Sachtler Baby Legs   £10.00
Sachtler Hi-Hat   £10.00
Dolly and Track    
Focus Dolly & track Steel track (5 x straight, 3 x curves) £80.00
Wally Dolly Plastic track (4 x 1m straight)  £60.00
Rolling Spider    £15.00
Kessler "Phillip Bloom" Slider with Manfrotto 501 head £50.00
Glidetrack HD Slider with Manfrotto 501 head  £50.00
RedRock One Man Crew Motorised Slider with fluid head                         £50.00
Jib Arm    
EZ FX jib arm Weights & Sachtler 18/20 tripod £50.00



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