Sound Kit

Equipment  Extras Price
Audio Mixers    
SQN 4S Mk4 Bag, headphones, tails     £40.00
Allen & Heath 12ch desk PSU, tone generator/cables  £80.00
Soundcraft 6ch desk PSU, cables  £50.00
Radio Microphones    
Lectrosonics Twin Kit Sanken Cos11, NP1 shoe  £50.00
Audio Technica Dual Unit Two channels & T/C mics  £30.00
Cabled microphones    
Senheisser 416-48v gun mic Rycote windcover & pole  £20.00
Sony gun mic Rycote suspension  £10.00
Sony ECM77/88 tie-clip mic   £10.00
Tram TR50 tie-clip mic Various clips £10.00
Beyer M58 reporter'c mic Pop-gag & stand £10.00
Other Kit    
200W two speaker PA speaker stands £80.00
Extra 2 x speakers speaker stands £20.00
Zoom H4n SD card recorder 2GB SD cards - £10.00 £20.00
Beachtek DXA-5DS/Pro   £10.00
Fostex 6301B active speakers   £5.00



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